All members of the Moot Court Board can be contacted from our home page.

If you can’t see the masthead above, then you can find it here. Please note that the Masthead will be updated in August 2022 to reflect the complete board following the conclusion of write-on.

A Note On Titles

The Moot Court Board has undertaken a slow but steady reform of the titles applied to various positions of responsibility, in order to strike a balance between our journal status and our unique program of activities. Accordingly, alumni and others should note the following table of conversion when reading more modern mastheads:

Clerk, Chairperson or Chair is now Editor-in-Chief. Casebook Editor (or, in the very oldest Mastheads, Editor-in-Chief where there is also a Chairperson) is now Casebook Executive Editor. Chair as respects other MCB departments (i.e. Marden Chair), was once Editor and is now Executive Editor.

Past Mastheads

2021-22 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 45)

2020-21 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 44)

2019-20 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 43)

2018-19 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 42)

2017-18 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 41)

2016-17 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 40)

2015-16 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 39)

2014-15 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 38)

2013-14 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 37)

2012-13 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 36)

2011-12 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 35)

2010-11 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 34)

2009-10 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 33)

2008-09 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 32)

2007-08 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 31)