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A Note On Titles

The Moot Court Board has undertaken a slow but steady reform of the titles applied to various positions of responsibility, in order to strike a balance between our journal status and our unique program of activities. Accordingly, alumni and others should note the following table of conversion when reading more modern mastheads:

Clerk, Chairperson or Chair is now Editor-in-Chief. Casebook Editor (or, in the very oldest Mastheads, Editor-in-Chief where there is also a Chairperson) is now Casebook Executive Editor. Chair as respects other MCB departments (i.e. Marden Chair), was once Editor and is now Executive Editor.

Past Mastheads

2022-23 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 46)

2021-22 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 45)

2020-21 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 44)

2019-20 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 43)

2018-19 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 42)

2017-18 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 41)

2016-17 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 40)

2015-16 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 39)

2014-15 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 38)

2013-14 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 37)

2012-13 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 36)

2011-12 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 35)

2010-11 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 34)

2009-10 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 33)

2008-09 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 32)

2007-08 Masthead (Casebook Vol. 31)