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About the Casebook

The NYU Moot Court Casebook, published annually, is the most widely recognized and utilized set of moot court problems in the nation. More than 100 law schools presently subscribe.

Each problem has two parts: a detailed record that contains all documents relevant to the hypothetical case, and a bench memo that surveys all relevant case law and policy analysis and includes sample briefs for both sides. Problems are written by current NYU Law students with faculty supervision as well as by students and faculty from across the country.

We have made our National Immigration Law Competition 2016 Problem available as a sample of a Record and a Bench Memo typical of the Casebook.

Our Casebook problems are ideal for use in moot court competitions and classroom exercises, or as a valuable resource for research on current circuit-splits. Each Volume contributes approximately 10-20 problems to our database of over 90 problems on a wide variety of legal topics.

Subscribing to the Casebook

The Casebook is published each year in December in print and online. This year, Volume 43 will be available in early December 2019.

You can order the print edition and sign up for the Casebook Online right now using check or credit card.

Please note only institutions, including law schools, firms, bar associations, and libraries, may subscribe to the Casebook.

The print edition of the Casebook is a handsome bound volume containing all of the problems (very useful as a reference text). The online edition includes editable versions of the present volume’s problems as well as the Casebook Archive, a repository of all of the problems since 2007 not to be preempted by the courts. The print edition includes access to the online edition.

The latest edition of the Casebook, Vol. 43, is now available (as of 12/31/2019).

The eCasebook Archive, which includes problems from Vol. 42, is also available to all subscribers to Vol. 43.