Combining Legal Scholarship and Oral Advocacy

NYU Moot Court Board

The NYU Moot Court Board is one of NYU School of Law's student academic journals. Our mission is to enrich the legal education of our members and explore new approaches to unsettled legal questions through written and oral advocacy. In addition to our large interschool competitions team, we work to achieve this mission through four programs:
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Published annually, the Casebook is the most widely recognized and utilized set of moot court problems in the nation.

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Open to all second- and third-year JD students at NYU Law, as well as LLMs, Marden is NYU’s internal moot court competition.

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Focused on cutting-edge immigration issues, the ILC is NYU’s annual inter-school moot court competition.

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Our online journal, doc­u­ment­s new approaches to unset­tled legal ques­tions pro­ceed­ing from moot court activities.

We are the only journal at NYU Law to focus on the art of written and oral legal advocacy.

The New York University Moot Court Board is the student journal at NYU Law for aspiring legal advocates and an intellectual hub for mooting activities nationwide.

Part conventional journal, part interschool moot court competition team, the Moot Court Board offers students the research, writing, and editing experience comparable to that of a law review while being directly useful to legal practice.

The Board selects 42 rising 2L members each year as Staff Editors in the NYU Journal Writing Competition. Each Staff Editor is provided with extensive training before writing a moot court problem, participating in an interschool mooting competition, or doing both. As 3Ls, students manage the journal, compete, coach teams, or edit the NYU Moot Court Casebook or our online journal, Proceedings.

A unique institution at a top law school, the Moot Court Board offers students creative freedom, practical experience, and oral advocacy opportunities no other journal can provide.

  • More than 100 law schools subscribe to the NYU Moot Court Board Casebook, which each year adds more than a dozen high-quality moot court problems to our existing archive of 80 problems available online.

  • NYU routinely ranks among the top moot court programs in both the nation and the world. We also host two moot court competitions; one internal (Marden) and one external (ILC).

  • We publish Proceedings, which reports new approaches to unsettled legal questions developed in moot court.

  • The oldest journal at the School of Law (organized shortly after mooting was introduced into the curriculum in 1871), the Moot Court Board has a diverse body of hundreds of alumni/ae who come back every year to judge and train the next generation of advocates.