Introducing Proceedings!

We are delighted to announce that today marks the launch of the Pro­ceed­ings of the NYU Moot Court Boardor just “Pro­ceed­ings.” Proceedings is the online jour­nal of the NYU Moot Court Board, doc­u­ment­ing new approaches to unset­tled legal ques­tions pro­ceed­ing from moot court activities, par­tic­u­larly law stu­dent com­pe­ti­tions.

Pro­ceed­ings aims to real­ize for the wider legal com­mu­nity a ben­e­fit of moot­ing that has hith­erto accrued only to par­tic­i­pants. As most appel­late lawyers know, one of the best ways to refine a the­ory of a case or an area of law is to argue about it, either with col­leagues or before law school pro­fes­sors. But stu­dent Moot Court competitions, which con­sider some of the most inter­est­ing and intractable prob­lems in law, gen­er­ate hun­dreds of hours of for­mal, inquisi­to­r­ial analy­sis of those prob­lems by pro­fes­sors, prac­ti­tion­ers, and judges (not to men­tion reams of legal writing)–and then, too often, the results are thrown away when the com­pe­ti­tion is over.

No longer. Pro­ceed­ings is the jour­nal where lawyers and law stu­dents can pub­lish their “test results” from the legal lab­o­ra­tory of moot­ing that tests both old and new approaches to unset­tled areas of law. It aims to real­ize mooting’s poten­tial not only as a valu­able edu­ca­tional exercise, but as a pro­duc­tive forum for legal research.

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